Carrots are not just for rabbits — there are endless reasons you should include this veg into your diet every day.

Not only do they taste sweet, carrots also have an impressive stack of sweet health benefits. Below, we have four great reasons to eat more carrots!

Boost your immune system

Carrots are full of vitamin C, essential for a number of important functions in the body including cell repair, muscle recovery, and a healthy immune system.

Good for gut health

Carrots are full of soluble fibre which is important for digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals from food. Fibre also helps keep you regular (yep, we mean poop!) and also helps maintain a happy, healthy gut.

Source of low GI carbs

Carrots have a low glycemic index ranking, so they won’t spike your blood sugar after eating — no post-carb sugar crashes here! Pair with protein like hummus for a snack that will keep you powering through your door, no hunger pains in sight.

Beta-carotene Body Benefits

Beta-carotene turns into vitamin A in your body, which is essential for healthy clear skin, eye health, and immunity.

To enhance absorption of beta-carotene and other important nutrients in veggies, pair carrots with healthy fats like those found in salmon.

What are your fave ways to enjoy carrots? Share with us in the comments below!

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