Cauliflower is often thought of as a boring vegetable — after all, we’re told that brightly coloured fruit & veg are key to getting max benefits from produce.

However, cauliflower is hiding some incredible vitamins and minerals in it’s watery white florets, so it’s worth giving another chance for these amazing health benefits!

Great Source of Fibre

While important for digestion and good gut health, fibre also makes you feel full. Increasing the amount of fibre you eat each day can help you reduce overall calorie intake, without the hunger pains usually associated with eating less!

Brain Food

Cauliflower is one of only a few foods that contain choline, a micronutrient essential for a range of processes in your body — including boosting brain health and cognitive function.

Double the brain benefits of cauliflower by roasting it with turmeric, an ancient spice gaining popularity today for the positive effect it has on health and cognitive function.

Reduce Risk of Severe Health Issues

Cauliflower is part of a group of plants called cruciferous vegetables, which are believed to provide protection against some cancers, and increased vegetable intake in general is associated with lowered risk for cardiovascular disease.

Good for Liver Function & Detoxification

Compounds found in cauliflower support healthy liver function, which helps to remove waste and detoxify your body.

How do you include cauliflower in your diet? Share your fave cauli recipe in the comments below!

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