FML Nutrition Coaching

The key to attaining and maintaining fitness is not just about exercise, nutrition plays a vital part. Most people know this but the problem many have is knowing when to eat, how often to eat and crucially what to eat, but help is at hand. Coach Nic takes a holistic approach to fitness and can help you hit your nutrition goals in tandem with your physical fitness goals. In order to get the best results in the gym, you need the right fuel and Nic’s guidance helps you ensure you are getting the right balance of nutrients to give you a head start when trying to hit your fitness goals.

Nutrition Plans designed for you and your Goals

Nutrition coaching takes the guesswork out of dieting and with Nic’s guidance and support you can focus on your fitness goals whilst enjoying a guilt free, healthy balanced diet. When trying to reach a personal goal, all of us appreciate support and that’s exactly what Nic delivers. This support extends as far as providing recipes, tracking your progress via My Fitness Pal or Fitbit app and photo journals and even providing support on what to eat during the week so you create shopping lists to ensure you only buy what you need. Although Nic will offer you all the support you need on your nutrition and fitness journey, you do need the determination to see it through.

Set yourself a target and aim for it, keep on persevering and you will get to where you want to be. A minimum commitment of 16 weeks is required, which should be enough time for you to see and feel a real improvement.

Getting Started

If you have your heart set on achieving your personal nutrition and fitness goals the best time to take the first steps is now. Simply hit the reply button at the bottom of the page and let Nic know if you have any questions. Alternately use the enquire function and Nic will be happy to give you the full run down on the FML Nutrition Coaching program and the results you can hope to see in the near future.

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